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Achievements of Dr. T. K. Ghosh


Privileged and honoured sharing the stage with some of the legends of ent, Prof Barin raychoudhury, dr dipak haldipur, dr meenes juverkar,dr samit lal, dr illambharti for panel discussion, “difficult situation in Stapedotomy surgery “, thanks to the organising committee ISOCON 2019 for giving me this opportunity.


It is an incredible feeling when one of the doyens of Indian Otology Dr Pusalkar and a Stalwart Otologist of Europe Dr. Robert Vincent praise you and show support for your techniques and appreciate the logic behind it…It is really a proud feeling at the national platform when you share the centre-stage with these Stalwarts of E.N.T Surgery… I would earnestly like to convey my gratitude to the organising committee of AOICON 2018 Indore amd also the AOI (Association of Otolayngologists of India) for inviting me as a faculty in the scientific programme and giving me this wonderful opportunity

ISOCON 2017, Raipur

Chairing a wonderful scientific programme session at Isocon 2017, Raipur.Judging my peers and juniors and also learning myself in consecutive 2 days.

Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh has been honoured with the “bharat ratna rajiv gandhi gold medal award”

With God’s kind grace and all of ur well wishes I have been honoured with the “bharat ratna rajiv gandhi gold medal award” for outstanding individual achievement in medicine and research, which was presented to me by fr union minister state for planning of govt of india honourable Dr m.v.rajasekaran in national unity conference in bangalore on 20th august2017 on the occasion of 71 th birthday anniversary of late p.m of india shri rajiv gandhi.i would sincerely like to thank all my colleagues, patients and well wishers for without ur guidance and support I could have received the award. I hope I can enjoy it supports and serve you. I also salute anothers 24 distinguished persons doctors. Scientists. Social workers. Scholers etc who honoured with the awards of achievements in their respective fields. I also thank gepra for bestowing this award to me.

Dr. T. K. Ghosh being an eminent ENT Surgeon has already received lots of achivements. Here are some prestigious facts and figure about him
  • More than 10000 cases done in different Nursing Home & Hospitals within 6 years with more than 99% success rate.
  • More than 100 workshops & conference attendance in India & abroad.
  • Lot of different paper presentation in every state & all India conference.
  • An operation was performed by Dr. Ghosh in a workshop organised in Divine Nursing Home
  • Endoscopic DCR.
  • Endoscopic removal of ethmoidal & sphenoidal polyp
  • Endoscopic removal of maxilary mass
  • Endoscopic Adenoidectomy.
  • Prof. P. K. Khasnabis Award for Best Paper in state journal for 2006.
  • Prof. B. K. Roy Chowdhury Award for Best Consultant of 2007 received from AOI- State Branch
  • 1st Endoscopic Adenoidectomy Movie by microdebridor was shown in Shantiniketan Conference held in 2006.
  • 1st Endoscopic Terbinoplasty with microdebridor & of its advantage was shown in Siliguri conference held in 2008.
  • Invited speaker of midconferance of state for Ant window technique, tympanoplasty (success rate nearly 99%) & Neostapedotomy for fixation of stapes footplate(hearing bone) (Result Nearly 95%)
  • In Chandannagar Workshop as a faculty member was present, operation was performed Ant window technique, Tympanoplasty was done (success rate nearly-99%)
  • A course director ENT Live workshop 2013 under the aegis of AOI,Bihar & Jharkhand branch.
  • As a chairperson in 5th ENT confluence 2013 which is organised by the West Bengal Medical Council.
  • As a invited speaker of 42nd Annual State conference in Jalpaiguri.
  • Attend 3rd India ENT conclave held in september,2013 as a moderator.
  • Invited as a guest lecturer in International conferance in China.
  • C.S.F Rhinorhea & Expert panelist of stapedeal otoscleresis(stapedotomy) in Aoicon 2014,Mysore.
  • Invited a guest in Thailand conference on November,2014.
Dr. T. K. Ghosh as a consultant attach with

As founder of Ghosh ENT Foundation

Columbia Asia Hospital

AMRI Hospital

Divine Nursing Home