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Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

A brief description of Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery include surgical procedures to treat sinus diseases. Advanced endoscopic surgery for sinus and nasal disorders can eliminate the need for external incisions and greater surgical precision. It also include correction of a deviated nasal septum (septoplasty) and for chronic nasal obstruction (congestion).


Endoscopic Repair of C.S.F. Rhinorohoea

FESS for sinusitis & polyp

Endoscopic Surgery for nasal Polyposis, tumour, fungal Rhinosinusites

rhinosinusites1Fungal Rhinosinusites

Endoscopic turbinoplasty -1st described by DR T.K.Ghosh in 2008 conference,with powered instrument and its advantage.

  • Endoscopic septoplasty & rhinoplasty
  • Surgery for Sino-Nasal mass
  • Surgery for Naso-pharyngeal mass
  • Facio maxilary - Trauma Surgery (Facio maxilary)
  • Endoscopic D.C.R. - For Naso-lacrimal duct block

Endoscopic Adenoidectomy - 1st described in 2006 by Dr T.K.ghosh in state conference, How It will be done by Powered instrument and its advantage

Nasal bone - fracture, reduction & correction

nasalcorrection1Nasal bone

nasalcorrection2Nasal bone

endoscopic adenoidectomy with the help of coblator

endoscopic adenoidectomy done with the help of coblator(Blood less Technology)

Ilina Jaiswal (O.T)
Age: 2yrs & 6months old

Endoscopic Adenoidectomy with the help of coblation (Bloodless Technology)

After 4hrs of the operation she is absolute fit for normal life

Surgery on CSF Rhinorrhea By Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh